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Saturday, June 01, 2024

Saturday Music Post - Cripple Creeks

The Band's Robbie Robertson wrote "Up on Cripple Creek" in 1969 for the group's second album. Released as a single, it reached number 24 on the Hot 100. As a Canadian, Robertson evidently had more familiarity with Appalachian folk music than with U.S. geography. The old-time banjo tune "Cripple Creek" (sometimes called "Goin' Up Cripple Creek") is thought to have originated in Virginia, where there is indeed a creek by that name. There is also a better-known Cripple Creek in Colorado, but there isn't one anywhere near Lake Charles, Louisiana. Of course, Levon Helm was from Arkansas, and maybe the mountain was in Colorado . . .

You can ponder it while listening to today's clips at The Faculty Lounge.

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