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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Justice Thomas's Amended Disclosure Is Still Wrong

My new essay at The Daily Beast explains that Justice Clarence Thomas’s amended financial disclosure is still inconsistent, incomplete, and inaccurate. Here is the gist:

The two explanations cannot both be true. Either Thomas had intentionally excluded Crow’s largesse because he believed it to be “unreportable,” or he had somehow “inadvertently” (hastily? carelessly?) forgotten to include it.

As a cross-examiner might ask, was he fooling us then, or is he fooling us now?

But it is worse than that. The amended disclosure lists only “food and lodging” for a single night in a Bali hotel, with no mention of transportation to the destination on Crow’s private jet or on the extended cruise through the islands, both of which were thoroughly documented by ProPublica.

Although I seldom agree with Thomas’ jurisprudence, I can still appreciate the clarity of his written opinions. When it comes to his financial disclosures, however, it is all omission, contradiction, and obfuscation.

You can read the full essay at The Daily Beast.

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