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Monday, May 13, 2024

The Judges' Boycott of Columbia University is Bad, Bad, Bad

My new essay for The Hill explains why 13 Trump-appointed judges are wrong – in so very many ways – to boycott graduates of Columbia University. Here is the gist:

In an open letter to President Minouche Shafik, 13 Trump-appointed federal judges have announced that they will not hire graduates of Columbia University because the campus has become “ground zero for the explosion of student disruptions, antisemitism, and hatred for diverse viewpoints.” 

The boycott, including undergraduates and law students, is irrational, self-defeating and unethical — with no redeeming features.

Savvy judges should easily be able to weed out any bad actors unless they believe there is a conspiracy among Hamas supporters to establish sleeper cells in judicial chambers. Even Fox News hasn’t gone that far.

Law clerks and other staff are public employees, provided to judges for assistance in deciding cases. It is flatly improper to use the positions as a reward, or punishment, dangled before third parties to bully their compliance with a judge’s ideological agenda.

You can read the full essay at The Hill.

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