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Monday, April 08, 2024

No Editors at the New York Times?

In a eulogy to Joe Lieberman, James Kirchick writes,

Though Mr. Lieberman lost the nomination to Mr. Lamont, he refused to let the Democratic primary electorate have the final say. He mounted an independent candidacy in the general election and became the first and only senator in American history to lose a party primary and regain his seat in the same cycle.

That's two mistakes in one sentence. Yes, Lieberman was the first senator to lose his primary and still win reelection, but he isn't the only one. Alaska's Lisa Murkowski did the same thing just four years later in 2010. Unlike Lieberman, who created an independent party and got his name on the ballot, Murkowski ran as a write-in. 

Also, Lieberman did not "regain" his seat; as a successful incumbent, he retained it.


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