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Tuesday, March 05, 2024

The Ghost of Section 3

There is a "ships-passing-in-the-night" aspect to the commentary on Section Three. One thread is looking at whether Donald Trump will be disqualified and, of course, comes to the conclusion that the chances of that happening are very low. The other thread is looking at the risk of instability that the country will face if Trump wins because the Supreme Court did not resolve his eligibility.

I've always been concerned about the latter problem. One reason for litigating the case was so that we could get a definitive resolution before the election. But the Court did not give us that yesterday. Maybe that won't matter because Trump will not win in November. But if he does win, the transition will be rough, especially if he is convicted of a felony and wins anyway. I'm going to work on an essay about this in the coming days that lays out these issues more fully.   

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