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Monday, February 12, 2024

Columbia Law School Denied Recognition to Law Students Against Antiemitism

My essay about it is posted at The Hill. Here is how it begins:

When Marie-Alice Legrande, who is not Jewish, and several friends decided to form Law Students Against Antisemitism, they expected to fill an obvious need, bringing Jewish and non-Jewish students together to “raise awareness and educate about both historical and contemporary antisemitism.” 

They had no idea that their proposal would draw furious opposition from people identifying themselves as “Concerned Jewish Students at CLS” and “Jewish pro-Palestine students,” who objected to its incorporation of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s Working Definition of Antisemitism. 

They were shocked when a majority of the law school’s student senate voted to deny them formal recognition, spurred by an inflammatory and misleading letter from the so-called concerned students.  

Even worse, the Law Students Against Antisemitism students got no help from the law school administration in dealing with a blatant case of viewpoint discrimination.

It took almost a quarter of the semester, but the senate finally re-voted and approved the group -- no thanks to the law school administration, which declined to intervene.

The full story is in my piece at The Hill.

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