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Friday, November 10, 2023

Bad Times at Evanston High

Per the website Evanston Now:

Yariv, the parent of an Evanston Township High School student, says she was angered and hurt to learn that two high school employees, a teacher and another worker, wore “Free Palestine” t-shirts to school last month.

Multiple sources have confirmed to Evanston Now that the two staffers worn the T-shirts to school on a day following the Hamas attacks in Israel that killed 1,400 people and left nearly 240 held hostage.

Note that the teacher wore the “Free Palestine” t-shirt on the day after the worst massacre of Jews since the Holocaust, and thus seemingly endorsed it.  Every DEI program I’ve seen has emphasized that “impact” is more important than “intent,” and the impact in this case was predictable (and probably intended). Why wear that t-shirt on that day, if not to indicate approval of the Hamas murders?

And it gets worse. The ETHS administration has refused to disclose whether the teacher has been disciplined, saying only that there had been a “reminder” of the policy on “professional conduct expectations.”

Teachers are authority figures and students are a captive audience. The person who abused their position should be at least suspended following a public apology to their students.

The entire article is here (paywalled with free registration).



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