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Thursday, June 29, 2023

Predicting tomorrow

On Sunday, Jonathan Adler predicted the authors and outcomes of the major cases. So far, he has done well on authors--he called Harvard (Roberts), Moore (Roberts), Groff (Alito), and Counterman (Kagan); he missed on Mallory (Gorsuch, not Alito) and Abitron (Alito, not Sotomayor).

Three cases remain to be decided tomorrow--303 Creative and the student loan cases. Adler predicted Gorsuch would write 303 and Roberts the student loan cases. Those predictions look good right now. One more data point on 303 Creative--it is the lone remainder from the nine December cases and Gorsuch is the only Justice not to write from that sitting.

Bad news for public accommodations laws and an appropriate understanding of the First Amendment.

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