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Thursday, May 25, 2023

The Sisters and Dave Chappelle

My take on Judge-Duncan-at-Stanford differs from Rick's. But accepting that that case is not analogous to the Dodgers and the Sisters, the case of the Minneapolis comedy club and Dave Chappelle is analogous--private club withdrawing an invitation at the urging of those who would label (however debatable the tag) Chappelle's routine as anti-trans hate speech.  FIRE defined as unacceptable cancel culture a for-profit club deciding that it is a bad idea to host and promote a comedian whose shtick is mocking (by punching down at) a disadvantaged and governmental targeted minority.

Merits matter if you believe--as I do--that private deplatforming is protected speech. Merits do not matter if your fundamental principle is that one private actor should not yield to pressure to disinvite a private actor from fear of outside pressure--or we are fighting over whether Chappelle or the Sisters engage in hate speech (about which there is no agreement). If the club canceling Chappelle's appearance is bad as a matter of free-speech principle--as FIRE made clear--then the Dodgers canceling the Sisters' appearance is bad as a matter of the same free-speech principle.

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