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Thursday, April 27, 2023

World Economic Forum on Agile Governance

Today in Tokyo, I am attending the World Economic Summit on Agile Governance: Governance Principle & the Pluriverse. That is a mouthful - here is the description: 

Digital and physical spaces increasingly coexist in today’s world, creating what some have called a cyber-physical systems (CPS) society. The role of cyberspace as both a source of value and a shaper of the “real” physical world is expanding, yet the social vision and governance model for such a society remains underdiscussed. Efficiency and manageability are hallmarks of highly digitalized CPS societies, but they can also be more humanistic if governed wisely. A well-run CPS society can handle complexity and respond to the diverse needs and values of its members, facilitating harmony and coexistence. The concept of the pluriverse encourages the development of a new, digital-age common sense – a shared vision that enables collaboration and agile governance suited to the needs of our emerging epoch. It is a worldview that includes radical difference and diversity, based not on a modern ontology that universalizes one type of rationality and separates humans and nature, but on a relational ontology in which all living beings and artifacts are interconnected and the principle of non-hierarchy is recognized.

This meeting is part of the G7 Digital and Tech Ministers’ taskforces that I am part of. We have been developing principles for the new digital economy.

Working with Japanese officials and academics on these questions has been particularly rewarding and illuminating for me -- in my book The Equality Machine: Harnessing Digital Technology for a Brighter, More Inclusive Future, I compare the attitudes of the Europeans and Americans to Japanese and Korean societies in the vision on how automation, AI and robotics can help [or harm] society. The taskforce has confirmed for me that Japan is forward-thinking on these issues compared to European counterparts that focus disproportionately on the risks and potential harms of AI. Of course both are needed - the critical and constructive. 

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Posted by: Toyota | May 2, 2023 3:25:02 PM

“... but on a relational ontology in which all living beings and artifacts are interconnected and the principle of non-hierarchy is recognized.”

First principles do matter in the hierarchy of being despite the fact that there are those who claim for example, p can, in essence, not be p, and still be, in essence p. I suppose that would be the relational ontology that is, in essence nonsense.


Thank you for recognizing that for technology to be constructive, it must first and foremost serve to do no harm.


Posted by: N.D. | Apr 28, 2023 10:25:48 AM

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