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Tuesday, January 03, 2023

AALS 2023 begins!

I feel the need to apologize for the rain! It almost never rains here, but we do need some rainy days. Still, even when its drizzling, walking along boardwalk and watching the waves is fun. And there's lots of indoor offerings too. Here is my recent post about top things to do here - 


and please come introduce yourselves at one of the panels and/or the USD Roy's sushi reception on friday - which all AALS attendees are invited to. 

Yesterday was a great pre-conference adjacent conference downtown San Diego on criminal justice and racial bias keynoted by Tom Tyler who spoke about the need to move from disparate treatment and intent to disparate impact and systematic inquiry about situational bias. The conference was hosted by the Institute for Human Studies at George Mason University, which brings diverse and interdisciplinary scholars together in great programs. 

Tomorrow if you are interested - we are having a panel cosponsored by the Contracts Law section and the Labor Relations and Employment Law on The Uniform Restrictive Employment Agreements Act ("UREA") and Emerging State Law -- on noncompetes, ndas, and talent mobility - and federal and state new efforts. See you downtown!


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