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Wednesday, November 02, 2022


Today in my innovation seminar we are thinking about FemTech - the field of research, entrepreneurship, and technology innovation addressing women's health - and beyond - issues. FemTech is growing, and there has never been a more exciting, and at the same time, challenging moment to use technology to correct the gender health and research gaps . As a new report shows, clinical trials too often are based on unrepresentative groups and data. Technology can help us study and track and learn about patterns and solutions to health issues, but of course technology can also serve to monitor women's reproductive choices in illegitimate ways. We are reading today for class this, and I assigned a listen to this excellent podcast, https://femtechfocus.org/podcast/ 

Any examples of successful or much needed FemTech innovation most welcome! Here at University of San Diego we are also starting a local accelerator FemTech innovation engine.


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Any examples of successful, or much needed FemTech innovation most welcome!

Posted by: Wordle today | Aug 21, 2023 6:10:18 AM

In addition, femtech companies offer products for general health conditions, such as osteoporosis, that affect women disproportionately or differently than males.

Posted by: dinosaur game | Apr 25, 2023 12:09:50 AM

Here’s a very serious problem women’s health problem.

Fortunately for us lawyers, it can be better solved with litigation than technology.

A recent major study found that Black babies are nearly three times more likely to die if cared for by White specialists than Black ones - not because Black babies are less healthy, or more prone to various diseases, receive different parental care, or for similar reasons. It's apparently the care provided by two different types of doctors.

Fortunately, an unusual if not unique statute makes it possible to attack this problem in the District of Columbia. See, e.g.:

Are White Doctors Killing Black Babies? – Lawsuit Possible in DC; Black Newborns 3 Times More Likely to Die Under White Doctors‘ Care – Study

Posted by: John Banzhaf | Nov 3, 2022 3:32:31 PM

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