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Tuesday, October 18, 2022

On the Road Again: The Equality Machine Book Talks

I am very excited to share that today is the publication day for The Equality Machine: Harnessing Digital Technology for a Brighter, More Inclusive Future (PublicAffairs ).

I wrote this book - which is deeply personal to me - as I believe it will be to every reader - because I felt compelled to shift the debates we are having about technology to a more constructive proactive direction that celebrates the stories of leaders who care about equality and are leveraging automation and digital tech for good. I wanted to ask not only what’s wrong about tech but also what’s right - and how we can scale the best - in every aspect of our lives from jobs to health to media to dating and family. The Harvard Magazine wrote about the book today:
"What’s right with technology and artificial intelligence? Outside Silicon Valley, few people ask the question that way. Lobel, Warren Distinguished Professor of Law at the University of San Diego, does, beginning by recounting her daughter's type 1 diabetes—and the smartphone apps that help safely track her blood-sugar level and insulin pump. She then crafts a sweeping call for designing technology and AI with quality and social benefit in mind."
I am so grateful to the many friends and colleagues and my family who helped shape the ideas and research of the book and supported me in the long months of writing. And to the amazing people who I interviewed for the book and their stories are told to inspire us.
Would love for all to join the conversation - here’s to a bright future! I will be in Philly and Boston this week for book talks and next week San Diego, then Seattle, SF, some virtual talks, Tel Aviv and more - come say hi!

Philadelphia: Penn Law Oct 20 https://pennlaw.cvent.com/c/express/80801f0b-937b-4eef-a3f4-442cae09f80a 

Boston: Harvard Coop Bookstore Oct 22

San Francisco/Virtual: PLI Online Platforms & Popular Technologies Oct 24 https://www.pli.edu/programs/O/online-platforms

San Diego:  Warwick’s La Jolla Oct 27 https://www.warwicks.com/event/lobel-2022

                          AALS January 2023

Seattle: Town Hall Seattle Nov 3 https://townhallseattle.org/event/orly-lobel-with-beverly-aarons/

Virtual: Center for Data Innovation Nov 8 https://datainnovation.org/2022/11/book-talk-on-the-equality-machine-with-orly-lobel/

                                     McKinsey Author Series Oct 18     

                                    The Conference Board

 Tel-Aviv: Bar Ilan University December 12

                      Tel-Aviv University December 19


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Best of luck with your book tour and all your upcoming events! I hope your book inspires many to think more deeply about the impact of technology on society and how we can harness it for a brighter and more inclusive future.

Posted by: retro bowl | Sep 5, 2023 5:10:26 AM

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