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Friday, September 02, 2022

Legal Podcasts

As you get ready for the long weekend, here are some podcast recommendations if you're interested.

My favorite legal or constitutional podcast (which I often have on in the car when I commute) is Amarica's Constitution. It's useful to listen to Akhil Amar's views (either on current events or issues raised in his books and articles), but another terrific feature is the dialogue that he has with his co-host (or host) Andy Lipka. A podcast needs more than one voice to work well, and in this case the two voices complement each other really well. And they do one every week! How they manage to find the time is beyond me.

Another podcast that I like is Divided Argument with Will Baude and Dan Epps. There is more of a Supreme Court focus to this one, but again you have two voices rather than one, and the two voices offer a healthy mix of agreement and disagreement banter. They are not doing a new one every week to be sure, but when they record the quality of the discussion is always really high.

Finally, the podcasts produced by the National Constitution Center are also excellent. (Disclaimer--I've been on a couple of them).

I wish I had the time to listen to more podcasts, as I know there are many others that are great. But my commute is only 75 minutes long.

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