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Thursday, September 08, 2022

Dall-E Made an Uncanny Picture of My Kids - Part I

Seriously. There have been such headlines, but I tested it myself. I signed up on Open AI for an account and got approved quite fast. I spent the day coming up with prompts that would result in images that look like my kids. At first, it was really off. Then I got better (the AI was always quite good, you just need to learn to speak its language). Then I actually gave a really thin prompt: Three Daughters at the Beach Chagall-Style and the result was something so uncanny and similar ("it's literally us" one of my kids said) that my family couldn't believe my story about how it was just based on a thin prompt. I too have doubts on whether the AI somehow learned something about me from previous prompts? Or is it just that we are all quite similar in the end, and we read confirmation and see similarities and uniqueness (especially when backs are turned like in this picture) when its really quite generic (and definitely not a Chagall).

Post number II will be about some of the policy implications of Dall-E art. 


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