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Friday, May 27, 2022

Missing Dan Markel

Hi friends,

For our readers and contributors who have been here for a long time, many of you knew Dan Markel and if not, have heard about his leadership in the legal academy and how his life was tragically cut short. All of us who knew him loved our dear friend. He had an infectious love of life, ideas, intellectual engagement, friendship, humor, and community.

I personally miss him constantly. I have shared my eulogy for him which I delivered at his Harvard University memorial. I also have written about his influence and impact on us newbies of his cohort in this article: The Goldilocks Path of Legal Scholarship in a
Digital Networked World.

Today especially, at the completion of a trial which I followed live for days, I wanted to remind our readers why Prawfsblawg has chosen not to cover the murder. We explained this a few times, but some of our readers are newer and I think it is important to emphasize that this was a choice about prawfsblawg celebrating what Dan create - an academic online community discussing ideas, law, academic life, and we want to keep that focus. Nothing in our non-coverage should suggest that we aren't following all of the trials and developments very closely. 

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