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Tuesday, February 01, 2022

Why I stopped allowing comments to posts

This was an attempted comment on my post (on which I forgot to close comments) about a First Amendment controversy that garnered national media coverage and a federal court of appeals opinion. I think it shows why I made the correct decision.

That's OK, Howard. You can keep deleting my posts. Just know that when you post incessantly about Jews and Israel (including in the context of baseball, where 99% of the players obviously aren't Jewish), let alone prohibit comments on such posts, you confirm most of the world's views about American Jewry: you are self-obsessed, selfish, and lack any ability to see how you are perceived by others. I sincerely wish you knew, for EVEN ONE MOMENT, how much harm and grief your lot causes Jewry in other countries. For the love of Hashem, stop and think about why you're posting so much about the tribe and the Aretz on a blog that's ostensibly meant for ALL American law professors. Get your head out of your own ass, for fuck's sake.

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