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Wednesday, February 02, 2022

Day One Project Report on NDAs and Corporate Secrecy

Super excited about this new Day One Project on secrecy and the harms of concealing publicly significant information such as sexual harassment or corporate corruption by nondisclosure agreements. I coauthored the report with law professors Rachel Arnow Richman and Jodi Short, economist Evan Starr & journalists—activists Gretchen Carlson & Julie Roginsky (formerly of Fox - and blowing the whistle on their NDAs that concealed a culture of harassment). Our hope is that the report will impact policy both at the federal and state levels and around the world.

Last year, the Day One Report on noncompetes which Mark Lemley and I coauthored reverberated in President Biden’ competition exec order and we hope that similarly the administration will take action on the ever expanding corporate secrecy practices.

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