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Monday, December 13, 2021

Product Placement Gone Wrong

And Just Like That, the Sex and the City revival is not all that. But it's a Sex and the City revival. I will watch bad TV under certain circumstances. One thing that goes wrong in the second episode is that, presumably to get Carrie to start using Tinder, and to show that the show is of-the-time, Mr. Big is not only obsessed with his Peloton Bike, and his favorite Peloton riding coach (played by a real, favorite Peloton instructor), he also, sadly, has a heart attack while riding. The market responded with a big drop in -- not HBO - but Peloton stock. The New York Times has an article explaining whether Peloton can sue for brand tarnishment. Better than suing, Peloton strikes back with a great ad, explaining that spinning actually is good for your heart and that Mr. Big is alive and well, though if he died on the show it must have been because of his unhealthy lifestyle, from the days when Big was Bad and Sex and the City was Good.

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