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Friday, November 12, 2021

Lisbon Living

In Portugal, in response to remote work, a new law makes it unlawful for companies to contact their staff outside of their contracted working hours. The laws also block employers from monitoring their employee's productivity, and require employers to pay for their employees' household expenses incurred while working from home, such as internet and electricity. Finally, employees with children will be given the legal right to work from home until their child turns 8 without approval from management. 

Work/life balance is a hard thing to achieve and a global pandemic and digital technology have made this balance even more challenging. We have nothing like these Portuguese laws on this side of the pond, and still a long way to go to level with European family and medical paid leave. It will be good to keep our eye on these comparative experiments as well as look at what companies that with the best policies are doing on their own to attract and retain the best workers in desirable productive work environments. 

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