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Thursday, October 28, 2021

"You Might Also Like"

An odd story in the New York Times today. Granted that sensible readers have lost hope for the time being of much by way of serious reporting or editing in that paper. But today's story, about Steven Donziger, the lawyer who sued Chevron over oil dumping in Ecuador, finally going to jail for criminal contempt, reads like a press release or brief for Donziger. As befits a story of this sort, it's short. So you might also enjoy reading this Partial Award decision by a panel of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, or the summary of findings undisputed on appeal in this Second Circuit opinion, or the appellate order disbarring Donziger, among many other opinions in the case. Of course, even a dishonest rogue is entitled to a proper day in court and to fair treatment. Still, one might find these additional documents more illuminating than today's item in the Times, notwithstanding the moving photograph and the inevitable citation to the Times's favorite reporting source, Twitter.  

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