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Friday, September 10, 2021

Teaching While Masked

Now three weeks into teaching I can say that all my fears that: 1) I would feel suffocated lecturing four hours in one day while masked. 2) my students would not be able to hear me. 3) students will not be compliant with our all-masked, including the vaccinated (and vaccinations are mandatory at USD for all students, faculty and staff, as well as any visitors, like guest speakers) 4) I wouldn't be able to hear my students speak -- all of these fears have proven to not realize. I forget after a short while that I am wearing a mask, the students are happy to be back in person and engaged in lively conversation and discussion. I project my voice, and yes, I have to sometimes remind the students in the back rows to speak up louder especially since we keep the lecture hall doors open, but overall - we can hear each other! We do take a break in the middle of class because our policy is no eating or drinking in the classroom. 

How to wear a coronavirus mask safely and comfortably - Los Angeles Times



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