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Friday, September 10, 2021

Annual Colloquium on Scholarship in Employment and Labor Law (COSELL) [and also - employment and labor law is a central field of scholarship!]

The 16th Annual Colloquium on Scholarship in Employment and Labor Law (COSELL) is being held at Vanderbilt U, Friday, October 15 & Saturday, October 16, 2021 - TBD whether in person or not. you can Submit an abstract and/or paper for consideration. The deadline to submit a paper/abstract is Monday, September 13.


On a related note: Leiter's lists on "most cited scholars" in various fields are coming out -- they've never, and still don't, include a list of employment and labor law scholars -- though it is a very strong and large scholarly and practice area, which includes employment contract theory, labor law, wage and hour, gig economy and classification, worker health and safety, employment discrimination, harassments, pay equity, employee mobility, whistleblowing, speech, privacy, worker comp, unemployment insurance and job training, pensions and retirement policy, and much more. 


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