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Friday, April 23, 2021


Seth Oranburg asked that we share with our readers:

Fastcase Press is publishing Blockchain Law, a practice-oriented book for lawyers who need to understand how the law actually applies to the use of blockchain technology. Professor Seth Oranburg and co-editor technologist and Attorney Rob Kost are seeking authors for chapters in practice areas including blockchain and: intellectual property, real property, contracts, securities, trusts and estates, the much-publicized non-fungible tokens, and other doctrinal areas that are impacted by blockchain technology. Each chapter will analyze a different domain of law. If you are interested in becoming a contributing author to Blockchain Law, please email [email protected]. Applications should include citations or a link to a law review article or similar publication you have already written on the subject, a CV, and a brief description of the topic your chapter would address. Chapters should be submitted by August 2021.

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Hi there!

I'm a senior blockchain engineer at ConsenSys, and used to practice public interest law after graduating from Harvard Law in 2011. I moved over to engineering as a career in 2014. I ran a blockchain law panel at a conference a couple of years ago and follow new blockchain legal developments in my spare time. I'd love to help with this book!

I haven't published in the legal space in quite some time, but here is an article I wrote when in law school: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/263372891_Recent_Case_Developments_in_Health_Law

My main interest is in ensuring that students of blockchain law have a solid grasp of what blockchain technology is and isn't, and how that relates to classical areas of law like property, contracts, securities, etc.

So if you need a "technical overview of blockchain technology for lawyers" chapter, or someone to review other chapters for technical accuracy, I can help!

Thanks, let me know if you think there is some synergy here.

Faina Shalts, Esq.

Posted by: Faina Shalts | May 17, 2021 3:48:04 PM

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