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Monday, March 08, 2021

Cloture Reform in the Senate

For what it's worth, I wrote an article in 2011 outlining a proposal for reforming the filibuster. I still think that what I outlined there is the best compromise, though I also think that the idea of making a "talking filibuster" a requirement would also be a significant improvement.

Posted by Gerard Magliocca on March 8, 2021 at 01:41 PM | Permalink


Just correcting my comment:

I have come across, and not " I have across" as written of course.

Posted by: El roam | Mar 9, 2021 7:45:19 AM

Very interesting issue. I have across interesting idea or notion, why it would be wrong to affect or eliminate that doctrine of filibuster(citing from a book written on it, by Richard Arenberg) here:

"Still, there are hazards in eliminating the filibuster. Richard Arenberg, who was an aide to former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell and is now a senior fellow at Brown University, has written a book defending the filibuster. He calls it the “soul of the Senate” and foresees chaos if it’s eliminated.

A great danger “would be the shifting back and forth of major policy,” Arenberg said. It would be easy, he notes, for partisans to repeal legislation passed by the other side whenever Congress changes hands: “It’d be very shortsighted policy to eliminate the filibuster, because the shoe is going to be on the other foot.” "




Posted by: El roam | Mar 9, 2021 7:23:23 AM

Good proposal; unfortunately, it presumes that members of the Senate are rational. The evidence since November 2020 does not support that presumption.

Posted by: Paul Sonnenfeld | Mar 8, 2021 1:48:03 PM

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