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Friday, September 18, 2020

"Law Like Love": Jeffrie Murphy, RIP

I was very sorry to learn of the passing from this life of Prof. Jeffrie Murphy (RIP).  Here's the Arizona State University announcement.  For me, Murphy's punishment-theory and criminal-law work was influential -- formative, really -- and he was also a kind and generous advisor and mentor.  My Criminal Law students (thanks to Joshua Dressler and Stephen Garvey) have, for years, encountered a bit of his work with Jean Hampton, and I've used his little essay, "Law Like Love", as well as "Christianity and Criminal Punishment", to conclude my class in recent years.  If you're a Crim teacher, and you want a bracing read, check out his "'In the Penal Colony' and Why I Am Reluctant to Teach Criminal Law." May his memory be a blessing.

UPDATE:  I really should have quoted this, from the ASU announcement:

For those who knew Murphy, he was always larger than life: a big man with a booming voice and a strength of conviction in his work and scholarship that was never outmatched. His early experiences as head of the Philosophy Department led to a deep and abiding hatred of administration — which gave him ample time to explore his greatest passions: the teaching of gifted students and exploring the contours of moral philosophy and its connection to the law.

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May RBG rest in peace

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