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Saturday, August 08, 2020

Podcasts on cancel culture

Since I have been writing about cancel culture this week, here is an episode of Noah Feldman's Deep Background podcast, featuring Osita Nwanevu of the New Republic discussing cancel culture and why it is not a threat to free speech. On that note, Nwanevu debated Yascha Mounk on the subject on Slate's The Gist.

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It's not a very good debate.

Nwanevu's point basically comes down to: "It's ok for these people to be cancelled because 1) there's not that many cases and 2) the people that have been cancelled are awful people."

Ironically, Nwanevu's favorite tactic is to take someone who said something vile and try to get his opponent to defend the person, with both him and his opponent knowing that if the opponent defends the person who said something vile the opponent will be targeted.

So...the debate was just awful and, I'm afraid, an accurate reflection of what passes for intellectual life in the US today. But it's a fascinating study in how people will reason their support for the most abhorrent practices.

Posted by: thegreatdisappointment | Aug 9, 2020 9:01:05 PM

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