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Tuesday, July 07, 2020


At The Forward (subscription required), Stephen D. Smith argues against use of the term antisemitism (or anti-Semitism) in favor of "Jew hatred." He argues it is more accurate, less couched in pseudo-science, and less recent (Smith traces the term antisemitism to the late-19th century, whereas the concept has existed for millenia).

Unfortunately, "Jew hatred" is awkward. Fortunately, the Germans provide a single word: Judenhaas. Maybe the term (but not the concept) will catch on.

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Interesting, but, one may disagree with all due respect. For antisemitism, has to do with hating Jews. Correct. But, originated rather from racism. Racism or superiority of one race (Nazis) must come with classification. Categorical as such. They had to divide humanity to races. More superiors, and inferiors. For that purpose, they targeted, the utmost inferior race in their view: the Jews. So, one should position it, in the right context, which is racism. By focusing on Jews, one may forget or obscure, the origin:

Classifying humans by races. Superiors, and inferiors.

And by the way, in ancient times, there wasn't such thing as hating Jews. The origin, is hating the Israeli people. Far before the Jews became Jews (1200 BC at least) or even settling in Judea (west bank).

Why the origin of all, is hating the Israeli people (not Jews). Well, that is hell of one. Not for such forum right now.


Posted by: El roam | Jul 7, 2020 2:59:08 PM

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