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Saturday, May 23, 2020

A Day in the Life

Josh Blackman lays out what a day in the life of a law student will look like this fall--he is correct and it is not pretty. My concerns for the difficulty of teachers playing to both the room and the Zoom dovetail with the teaching problems he describes.

He concludes with an important point: Most students' will demand face-to-face classes, because most students hated Zoom. But most may not realize that they are demanding something that cannot be delivered two months from now and will look and feel different than what they imagine. Schools' most important task right now may be to communicate with students and lay out the realities (perhaps assigning Josh's post)--both to set student expectations and perhaps influence student demand.

Update: Ilya Somin offers further and different suggestions, including moving small classes online so larger classes can be spread into several rooms and protecting vulnerable teachers by having them teach to the students gathered (at a distance) in the classroom.

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