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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Law in the Age of Covid-19 - Gig Workers & the Labor Market (w/apologies to Paul's grand title aversions)

This Thursday, 12:30-1:20pm Pacific Time I am looking forward to participating on a panel on employment and labor law during this global health and economic crisis. Zahr Said has put together at Univ of Washington a course/public speakers series called Law in the Time of COVID-19 (again, notwithstanding Paul's memo to fellow faculty - I actually substantively don't agree with Paul that we should not be writing about what is taking over all of our lives. I think it is part of how we process and engage and of course all such writing "at a time of" comes with the caveat and acknowledgement that we are way to involved and close to what is going on to see clearly - that's fine, there is room for both kinds of reflections - fast and slow, up close and personal, reflective and distant...).

I also agreed to write something about the Gig Economy and Gig Workers in relation to the CARES Act and the labor market upheavals for a symposium issue - yes - Law during... - of the San Diego Law Review  - so I am happy to hear any and all thoughts about how the economic recovery will affect the battles over employee classification and the extension of social benefits to all workers.

Join us at the Univ of Washington event this Thursday 1230 Pacific Time on Zoom: washington.zoom.us/s/97708493662

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