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Saturday, March 21, 2020

A Cultural Document for Our "Times"

My long-simmering project on social class and the legal academy tends to keep my antennae up for cultural moments and documents that nicely reflect the tastes and folkways of a certain class cohort--not the one percent, which I find uninteresting, but a larger band, the professional-managerial class or even Richard Reeves's top 20 percent--and of the institutions it uses as a mirror. To that end, I give you this week's special feature from "T," the New York Times Style Magazine: T's Guide to Staying at Home, and Making the Best of It.

It includes a "San Francisco-based florist"; an avocado toast recipe from a member of Vampire Weekend; a recipe from a professional "food artist" who has "devised some stunning conceptual installations"; a "turmeric latte" to serve as "a calming elixir before bedtime"; "the best vitamin-filled serums to rejuvenate your skin as the season begins to change"; a column answering the question, "How do I find meaning and beauty in my life?"; a story on the renovation of a "once-lovely 19th-century building" outside St. Moritz; and one on a designer who "established his distinct sartorial perspective with a series of collections that folded in comments on contemporary social and political issues." 


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