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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Mrs. Felix Frankfurter

I was doing some research for my biography of Justice Washington when I came across the obituary of Marion Denman Frankfurter, the widow of Justice Frankfurter. The obituary appeared in The New York Times in 1975. To show you how much social mores have changed, here was the title of her obituary:

"Mrs. Felix Frankfurter is Dead; High Court Justice's Widow, 84." 

The first line of the obit was: "Mrs. Felix Frankfurter, widow of the Supreme Court Justice, died a nursing home here Sunday at the age of 84. She had been an invalid for more than 20 years." The rest of the obituary, which was eight paragraphs long, continued to refer to her as "Mrs. Frankfurter." Only one time in her own obituary did the Times use her first name, calling her "[t]he former Marion A. Denman."

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