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Sunday, August 04, 2019

Is Blogging the New Resume?

I learn a lot about career planning through the observation of others’ successes (and failures). I have observed lawyers and non-lawyers alike carve professional niches through blogging and podcasting. The two best examples are On Reserve, a Wine Law blog, and The Gen Y Lawyer podcast.

Lindsey Zahn started On Reserve in law school as a means of writing about her passion in the regulation of alcoholic beverages. It grew a following, and led to opportunities as an alcoholic beverage lawyer. The blog also allowed her to showcase her prolific scholarship in wine law.

The Gen Y Lawyer podcast went down a similar path. A way to express the feelings of a new generation of lawyers by interviewing legal professionals, it provided Nicole Abboud with the opportunity to become a legal marketing consultant.

I do not advocate every aspiring lawyer to create their own blog or podcast. There are logistical issues with attracting readers and listeners (both of the aforementioned were profiled by the American Bar Association). There are, however, some takeaways for establishing a blog or podcast to show one's legal acumen. First, content must be continuous. People will lose interest in your online media if there is nothing new to see. This ties directly into my second observation. It must be born of passion. Both On Reserve and The Gen Y Lawyer were products of the visions and interests of their creators. On Reserve became not only a resource for those interested in wine law, it was also a way to demonstrate Zahn's skills as a writer, scholar, and experience. The fact that both are still going strong today is a testament to this.

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