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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Shephard's Drone

Brett Frischmann has done something fabulous.  He brought his scholarly expertise and insightful research to the world of fiction. After the publication of his excellent book with Evan Selinger, “Re-Engineering Humanity”, which was selected as one of the Guardian's best books of 2018, now comes the novel Shephard's Drone. Here's the teaser:

When a geneticist sees an infant die, minutes after receiving a routine genetic modification shot, she’s forced to question what she’s always believed about her field—and determined to find out what went wrong. Her search for answers uncovers a deeper truth about how technology shaped human evolution.

I had the privilege of reading it when it was just a draft manuscript with a different title...now it's gotten even better. As one of the blurbs by Joshua Cohen says, "Brett Frischmann writes like a mad scientist, altering the code of life to elicit new thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. His novel is an experiment conducted on our brains and hearts, to condition us for the future." 

go read it!

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