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Thursday, October 04, 2018

Most lawyery "Better Call Saul"

This week's Better Call Saul, titled "Wiedersehen" (the penultimate episode of Season 4), may have been the most lawyery episode. Consider:

• Shout out to Justice Stewart. Jimmy and Kim discuss when the situation will again be right to pull the scams that make them both feel alive. Kim insists they will know the right situation when they see it.

• Appearing before the committee considering whether to reinstate him, Jimmy talks about attending the University of American Somoa, although he would have preferred to attend Georgetown or Northwestern (my alma mater).

• At the same hearing, Jimmy is asked  whether he has kept abreast of changes in the law. He talks at length about Crawford v. Washington and the Confrontation Clause.

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Even the phone conference Kim was on talking about materiality qualifiers and defining knowledge was realistic (Kim heading up the deal work for the bank at her level experience is not). I wonder if they brought in a new legal consultant.

Posted by: Deal Lawyer | Oct 6, 2018 5:19:32 PM

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