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Sunday, September 02, 2018

Bard Signing in for September


Hi everyone and thank you very much to Howard for inviting me.  This is, I think, my fifth (possibly sixth) guest stint at PrawfsBlawg and as always I want to thank Dan Markel (may his memory be for a blessing) who gave me my first opportunity to join this distinguished group.

Over the next month, my goal will be to share some of what I learned while getting a mid-career Ph.D. in Higher Education about both the existing body of research on teaching and about how we can use research tools to evaluate the many curricular innovations that are blooming throughout legal education.  Evaluation is important because it creates the information that we need to innovate in our own classrooms.  Evaluation (also called Assessment-although not of the students or of us--) also helps inform others who might want to adopt a new technique, exercise or even entire curriculum.    It has long been a concern of mine that we in legal education simply do not know about the vast body of existing research on promoting student learning nor are we aware of the tools that our colleagues in other parts of the university use every day. 

I will be arguing that the movement to make math, science, engineering, and technology subjects (STEM) more accessible to a larger group of students ( as opposed to the old fashioned and wasteful practice of setting up barriers to entry that few could surmount) has resulted in valuable information that we can use as we seek to make legal education more experiential and less dependent on classroom hours.  

It is also likely that I will be sharing some of the work in global public health law & human subject research I'm doing while a scholar this year at the O'Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law at Georgetown Law Center.

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