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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Ode to Law School

I loved law school.  It was the most fantastic, rewarding, engaging, and challenging of experiences.  My group of friends in law school included a medical student.  As graduation approached, my med school friend and I went to lunch, where she declared that I was the only one of the bunch who really, genuinely loved the law.  While I’m not sure if that is an accurate assessment, it is certainly true that I love the law. 

I have, however, been frustrated lately, because I have spent weeks trying to rewrite the introduction to a paper.  A paper I started working on two years ago.  I’m actually still excited about the paper and its potential, but this is way too long to be tinkering with an introduction.  So long that I’ve started to wonder whether I should drag the file to the recycle bin, declare it a lost cause, and move on to different half-written project.

But today, my frustration left.  Today, there has been a line of iCLEO students sitting outside my colleague’s door to discuss their exams, and it reminded me of what it felt like to be an idealistic, incoming law student.  It also reminded me that in a few weeks what is currently a sleepy, quiet building will be bustling with activity and excitement.  A whole new group of students will be here and at least some of them will end up loving the law as much as I do.  Just the thought makes me smile.

So as I contemplate the fact that I’m almost a month in to my seventh year in this particular office, on what is a truly beautiful camps, I am going to try really hard to channel my joy of law school.  And finish this darn introduction.

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I agree. I loved almost every minute of law school, including taking some exams. But that is probably why we are drawn to teaching--to pass some of that joy on.

Posted by: Howard Wasserman | Jul 26, 2018 10:45:34 PM

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