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Sunday, July 08, 2018

Merde and Break a Leg!

It is summer conference season, more or less - tomorrow Bar Ilan University Law Faculty is holding a book event for You Don't Own Me (come if you are in Israel - its at noon and open to all), last week I gave a talk in Amsterdam and later this week - speaking in Madrid - so I thought I'd share something I just learned from some of my hosts - the origin of the wish - Merde that performers give each other before a performance. While there are lots of theories about where "break a leg" comes from, there appears to be a consensus that the French Merde! or the Spanish wish mucha mierda comes from the time when participants would come to the theater in horse carriages. The performers would glance outside to the street and hope to see a mountain of horse poop - sign of a full house...

So here's to a summer and a new academic year with lots of Merde!


Image result for horse carriage

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