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Monday, July 02, 2018

Hiring Posts - Schedule

An approximate schedule of law school hiring posts follows, based off the dates of the release of the first FAR distribution and the AALS conference . Because the dates of the FAR distribution and AALS conference are approximately three weeks earlier than last year, all the below dates are similarly earlier. 

Wednesday, July 11: Hiring committee post. (Last year's post here.)

Thursday, August 16: FAR distribution 1 released.

Thursday, August 23: Law School Hiring post (reporting interviews and callbacks; last year's post here). (Because all the information is collected on a single spreadsheet, we don't need separate posts for interviews and callbacks, as in the olden days.) This year, the spreadsheet post will be combined with the Clearinghouse for Questions (last year's post here) in one post.

Thursday, August 23: Clearinghouse for Questions (last year's post here). 

Thursday, October 11, through Saturday, October 13: Hiring Conference.

Monday, October 29: VAP post (last year's post here).

Late February/early March: Begin entry level hiring report data collection.

Originally published on July 2, 2018; modifed August 16, 2018, to reflect that the Law School Hiring post and the Clearinghouse for Questions post will be combined into one post. 

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