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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Hiring Committees 2018-2019

Please share in the comments the following information related to the 2018-2019 law school faculty hiring season:

(a) your school;
(b) the chair of your hiring committee (please note if you have different chairs for entry level and lateral candidates--we hope that this information will be useful for both entry level and lateral candidates);
(c) other members of your hiring committee (again, please note if there is a distinction between entry level and lateral committees); and
(d) any particular subject areas in which your school is looking to hire.

Additionally, if you would like to share the following information, candidates might find it helpful to know:

(e) your committee's feeling about packets/individualized expressions of interest (affirmatively want to receive them, affirmatively don't want to receive them, or don't care one way or the other); 
(f) your committee's preferred way to be contacted (email, snail-mail, or phone); 
(g) the website, if any, that candidates should use to obtain information about the position or to apply;
(h) the number of available faculty positions at your school; and
(i) whether you are interested in hiring entry-level candidates, lateral candidates, or both.

I will gather all this information in a downloadable, sortable spreadsheet. (Click on that link to access the spreadsheet and download it; you can also scroll through the embedded version below.)

If you would like to reach me for some reason (e.g., you would prefer not to post your committee information in the comments but would rather email me directly), my email address is sarah dot lawsky (at) law dot northwestern dot edu.

Remember, you cannot edit the spreadsheet directly. The only way to add something to the spreadsheet is to put the information in the comments or email me directly, and I will edit the spreadsheet.

Originally posted July 11, 2018; updated August 10, 2018, to reflect that the spreadsheet now includes (1) website links and (2) whether the committee is interested in entry level candidates, lateral candidates, or both. 

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South Texas College of Law Houston

Committee: Mike Barry, Elaine Carlson, Sharon Finegan, Helen Jenkins, Charles "Rocky" Rhodes (chair), Ken Williams, and John Worley.

Subject areas: Civil Procedure, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, and Evidence

We have reviewed the FAR, but feel free to send expressions of interest directly to [email protected]

We are looking to hire at least two new faculty members, and are open to both entry-level and lateral candidates.

Posted by: Rocky Rhodes | Aug 29, 2019 12:24:41 AM

South Texas College of Law Houston

Committee: Mike Barry, Elaine Carlson, Sharon Finegan, Helen Jenkins, Charles "Rocky" Rhodes (chair), Ken Williams, and John Worley.

Subject areas: Civil Procedure, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, and Evidence

We have reviewed the FAR, but feel free to send expressions of interest directly to [email protected]

We are looking to hire at least two new faculty members, and are open to both entry-level and lateral candidates.

Posted by: Rocky Rhodes | Aug 29, 2019 12:24:41 AM

Anyone know who's on the appts committee at The University of Utah?

Posted by: Prof | Oct 21, 2018 4:54:47 PM

clinicalanon, in my experience it's not standardized. Some schools do AALS Interviews, but those that do also are likely to interview by Skype. Most schools will do a first round interview in the fall at some point, with some schools hoping to wrap clinical hiring before the end of fall term and others doing callbacks early in the spring term (potentially tied to rankings, as with the doctrinal hiring).

For a callback, it is generally similar to the doctrinal callbacks except that the content of the job talk might be different, potentially depending on whether the school hires clinicians on the tenure track or on the separate "promotion towards presumptively renewable" track. You might have to present a standard academic paper, just like a doctrinal candidate. You might have to present a "clinic design" talk where you discuss your goals for a clinic, teaching pedagogy, etc. You might have to do both. It really depends on the school and it's something that should come up during the callback scheduling phase.

Posted by: anon | Oct 18, 2018 1:45:29 PM

Curious about the process for clinical positions. Some schools use AALS to fill these openings and others don't. Would the timing for interviewing and offering jobs be the same? Would there be an expectation about presenting a job talk paper for a callback? Any other thoughts?

Posted by: clinicalanon | Oct 18, 2018 12:49:02 PM

American University, Washington College of Law
Committee: Jonas Anderson, Angela Davis, Brenda Smith, David Snyder, Robert Tsai and Binny Miller (chair).
Positions: We are focused on entry-level and junior lateral candidates.
Subject areas: We have a particular interest in candidates to teach business-related courses, courses that focus on privacy, data security, technology, and/or cyber space, evidence, property, constitutional law, clinic, and criminal law and criminal procedure, but we will consider candidates who teach in other areas.
Packets: No preference. We have reviewed the FAR. Feel free to send expressions of interest directly to Lynn Seumo, Faculty Coordinator, seumo at wcl dot american dot edu.

Posted by: Binny Miller | Oct 11, 2018 12:42:37 PM

Through my own carelessness, I didn't indicate all of the members of the Brooklyn Law School appointments committee. I should have included Jocelyn Simonson's name along with the other people I identified in August. Can you please add her to the spreadsheet? Thank you!

Posted by: Minor Myers | Sep 20, 2018 11:17:01 AM

University of the District of Columbia -- David A Clarke School of Law.
Interested in candidates to teach crim, crim pro, evidence, and potentially to be able to rotate/teach in and out of a clinic.

Chairs are Wilhelmina Reuben Cooke & Kristina Campbell. Committee members include Tianna Gibbs and Andrew Ferguson.

Posted by: Lindsay Harris | Sep 11, 2018 9:22:00 AM

School: University of Connecticut School of Law, Hartford, CT

Chair of Hiring Committee: Jessica Rubin

Other Members of Hiring Committee: Paul Bader, Paul Chill, Willajeanne McLean, Julia Simon-Kerr

Subject area: Legal Research & Writing. See description: https://academicjobsonline.org/ajo/jobs/11730

Individualized Expressions of Interest: Happy to receive. List of references welcome. Packets aren't necessary.

Contact: [email protected]

Application Website: https://academicjobsonline.org/ajo/jobs/11730

Available positions: One

Entry-level or lateral applications are welcome.

Posted by: Johanna Fernandez | Sep 7, 2018 10:22:35 AM

School: Southern Illinois University

Chair: Cheryl L. Anderson

Committee: Alicia Jones, Steven Macias

Subject Area: Property

Packets: No preference

Communication: email to tville[at]siu[dot]edu

Website: https://affact.siu.edu/jobs/law125.html

Status: Entry level or pre-tenure lateral

Positions Available: 1

Posted by: Cheryl Anderson | Sep 6, 2018 3:50:56 PM

School: St. Thomas University School of Law (Miami)

Chair: Mark Wolff

Other committee members: Roy Balleste, Gary Kravitz, Tamara Lawson, Lenora Ledwon, Ira Nathenson, Roza Pati, Stephen Plass, Keith Rizzardi, Jay Silver

Subject areas: Contracts, Business Associations, Tax Law, Criminal Law & Procedure, Evidence, Health Law, Tax Clinic, Academic Support and Bar Prep. Other doctrinal areas may be considered depending on institutional needs.

Packets: no preference

Email mwolff[at]stu[dot]edu or mail to Professor Mark Wolff, Chair Faculty Recruitment Committee, St. Thomas University School of Law, 16401 NW 37th Avenue, Miami Gardens, FL 33054.

Positions: Seeking multiple, Open to both entry-level and lateral

Posted by: Ira Nathenson | Sep 1, 2018 12:44:43 PM

School: Loyola University Chicago School of Law

Chair: Sacha Coupet

Committee: Kate Mitchell, Jordan Paradise, Steven Ramirez, and Matthew Sag

Subject Areas: We welcome applications by both entry level and lateral candidates; areas of scholarship and teaching are ENVIRONMENTAL LAW in addition to Civ Pro, Torts or Property. Applications may be submitted via the AALS Faculty Appointments Register or at: https://www.careers.luc.edu/postings/8863

Packets: Interested applicants may email the chair directly. All applicants must fill out an online application at https://www.careers.luc.edu/postings/8863

Communication: Sacha Coupet- [email protected]

Positions available: 1 position (entry level or lateral candidates)

Posted by: Sacha Coupet | Aug 30, 2018 3:25:11 PM

School: University of Connecticut School of Law

Chair of Hiring Committee: Leslie C. Levin

Other Members of Hiring Committee: Anne Dailey, James Kwak, Willajeanne McLean, Julia Simon-Kerr, Richard Wilson

Subject Area: Business Law. See description: https://academicjobsonline.org/ajo/jobs/11716

Individualized Expressions of Interest: Happy to receive. Letters of recommendation welcome. Packets aren't necessary.

Contact: [email protected]

One tenure-track or tenured position.

Entry-level or lateral applications are welcome.

Applications should be submitted here: https://academicjobsonline.org/ajo/jobs/11716

Posted by: Leslie C Levin | Aug 28, 2018 4:40:43 PM

Brooklyn Law School

Committee: William Araiza, Julian Arato, Miriam Baer, Robin Effron, Beryl Jones-Woodin, and Minor Myers (chair).

Positions: Two. We're primarily focused on entry-level candidates but will also review lateral applications.

Subject areas: All areas, including civil procedure, constitutional law, labor law, tax law, business law and regulation, antitrust, and torts.

Packets: No preference. We'll review the FAR. Feel free to send expressions of interest directly to minor dot myers at brooklaw dot edu.

Posted by: Minor Myers | Aug 19, 2018 5:20:47 PM

School: Drexel University Kline School of Law

Chair: Amelia (Amy) Boss

Committee: Amelia Boss, Bret Asbury, Hannah Bloch-Wehber, Donald Tibbs, Dan Filler

Subject areas: Open, but especially interested in business and corporate law (preferably with a technology focus). slot

Packets: Happy to receive

Communication: [email protected]

Positions available: Up to 2

Entry level and laterals (particularly junior laterals)

Posted by: Amy Boss | Aug 19, 2018 3:03:06 PM

School: University of Houston Law Center
Committee Chair: Bob Ragazzo ([email protected])
Other Committee Members: Sapna Kumar, Joe Sanders, Emily Berman, Kellen Zale
Subject area: Public international law

Position experience: Entry level or junior (coming in without tenure) laterals

Posted by: Sapna Kumar | Aug 17, 2018 5:35:43 PM

School: Cornell Law School

Appointments Committee Chair: Valerie Hans

Other committee members: Michael Dorf, Sheri Johnson, Odette Lienau, Oskar Liivak, Stewart Schwab

Subject areas: we welcome applications by both entry level and lateral candidates; areas of scholarship and teaching are open. Applications may be submitted via the AALS Faculty Appointments Register or at https://academicjobsonline.org/ajo/jobs/11418.

In addition, we invite applications for a faculty position as the Jack G. Clarke Professor of Far East Legal Studies and the Faculty Director of the Clarke Program in East Asian Law and Culture. Applications should be submitted at https://academicjobsonline.org/ajo/jobs/11489.

Packets/individualized expressions of interest are welcome.

Contact: Liz Flint, [email protected]

Posted by: Valerie Hans | Aug 17, 2018 10:39:21 AM

School: Duke University School of Law

Chair: Arti Rai (Lateral); Darrell Miller (entry-level)

Committees: Lateral: Matthew Adler, Sara Sun Beale, Michael Frakes, Kimberly Krawiec, Lawrence Zelenak, Jonathan Wiener; Entry-Level: Stuart Benjamin, Joseph Blocher, Deborah DeMott, Stephen Sachs
(Ex officio for both committees: Kerry Abrams and Margaret Lemos)

Subject areas: Any, but especially interested in corporate, intellectual property, environmental, immigration, legal history, tech/cyber/data privacy, Asian law

Packets: Happy to Receive

Preferred Contact: [email protected]

Number of positions: Up to 2

Entry-level and lateral applications are welcome

Posted by: Kerry Abrams | Aug 16, 2018 2:57:38 PM

School: Pepperdine University School of Law

Committee Chair: Derek Muller

Committee: Shelley Saxer (vice chair), Rick Cupp, David Han, Victoria Schwartz, Michael Helfand (ex officio)

Subject areas: one in real estate/property law in conjunction with our Palmer Center for Entrepreneurship and the Law; one in law and religion in conjunction with our Nootbaar Institute on Law, Religion and Ethics. To round out the teaching package, other potential subject area needs include Community Property, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Intellectual Property, Patents, Tax, and Wills & Trusts

Packets: indifferent

Contact: [email protected]

Application site for real estate/property: https://apply.interfolio.com/53202 and for law and religion: https://apply.interfolio.com/53286

Positions available: 2

Position experience: entry-level or lateral

Posted by: Derek Muller | Aug 15, 2018 4:33:00 PM

School: University of Pittsburgh School of Law

Chair: Grant MacIntyre

Committee: Pat Chew, Peter Oh, Ann Sinsheimer

Subject areas: Business/Corporate, Commercial

Packets: Happy to receive

Communication: [email protected]

Positions available: Visitor Positions

Posted by: Grant MacIntyre | Aug 15, 2018 11:19:52 AM

School: Scalia Law School at George Mason University

Committee Chair: Josh Wright

Committee: Eric Claeys, Murat Mungan, Jenn Mascott, Caroline Cecot, Ross Davies.

Entry and lateral. Packets welcome.

Jwrightg at GMU dot edu

Posted by: Joshua Wright | Aug 15, 2018 2:16:50 AM

University of Chicago
Chairs: Alison LaCroix (laterals), Jonathan Masur (entry-level)
Other committee members: Douglas Baird, Richard McAdams, John Rappaport
Contact email: appointments -at- uchicago.edu

Posted by: Jonathan Masur | Aug 14, 2018 4:10:34 PM

I posted two committees for Louisville but the spreadsheet has only one listed. My comment was posted August 1. Could you please add the second committee and other information to the list?

Posted by: Grace Giesel | Aug 14, 2018 2:15:51 PM

School: South Texas College of Law Houston

Chair: Maxine Goodman

Committee: Amanda Harmon Cooley, Olga Moya, Amanda Peters, Charles “Rocky” Rhodes

Subject area: Legal Research and Writing (tenure-track)

Packets: Happy to Receive

Preferred Contact: Maxine Goodman via email: mgoodman at stcl dot edu

Number of positions: Up to 2

Entry-level and lateral applications are welcome

Posted by: Amanda Harmon Cooley | Aug 14, 2018 11:26:11 AM

School: University of Arkansas School of Law – Fayetteville

Chair: Steve Clowney

Committee: Carol Goforth, Jill Lens, Cynthia Nance, Danielle Weatherby, Jordan Woods

Subject areas: Legal Research & Writing, Evidence, PR, Family Law, Business Law (widely defined)

Packets: Happy to receive

Communication: [email protected]

Positions available: Up to 2 (entry level or lateral candidates)

Posted by: Steve Clowney | Aug 13, 2018 5:27:41 PM

School: LSU Law Center

Committee Chair: Melissa Lonegrass

Committee Members: Lisa Avalos, Elizabeth Carter, Ray Diamond, Lee Ann Lockridge, Scott Sullivan

Subject Areas: Considering both entry-level and lateral candidates in business and commercial law, especially those possessing a focus on corporate, partnership, and other areas of tax law.

Posted by: Scott Sullivan | Aug 13, 2018 12:55:07 PM

School: Penn State Law in University Park
Committee: Julia Lee, David Kaye, Catherine Rogers, Eileen Kane, Tiya Maluwa, Victor Romero, Hari Osofsky (ex officio)
Subject Areas: We will consider all subject areas, but are particularly interested in those whose research focuses on the following areas: business law; criminal law or procedure; cyber law; and energy law.
Packets: OK, but preferably email application materials to [email protected]
Communication: [email protected]
Positions available: 5 (2 in energy)

Posted by: Julia Lee | Aug 10, 2018 6:00:49 PM

School: University of Dayton School of Law

Chair: Tracy Reilly

Committee: Denise Platfoot Lacey, Dalindyebo Shabalala, Faisal Chaudry, Jeannette Cox

Subject areas: All areas but definitely with first year course teaching in mind

Packets: Only through the website application links.
Assistant Professor - http://jobs.udayton.edu/postings/26764
Tenured Professor - http://jobs.udayton.edu/postings/26768

Communication: [email protected]

Positions available:
Up to 3 positions at Assistant Professor - entry or lateral)
1 lateral tenured at Professor level

Posted by: Dalindyebo Shabalala | Aug 10, 2018 2:25:28 PM

School: Washington and Lee University School of Law
Appointments Chair: Chris Seaman
Other Committee Members: Beth Belmont, Johanna Bond, Michelle Drumbl, and Sarah Haan
Subject Areas: Corporate Law, Securities Regulation, and/or Commercial Law. Full position announcement available here: https://apply.interfolio.com/53173
Packets: Happy to receive, but all applicants must submit materials (cover letter, CV, research agenda, and list of references) via website: https://dossier.interfolio.com/apply/53173
Positions available: 1, at the level of Assistant or Associate Professor of Law. We are particularly focused on lateral candidates with between 2-4 years of experience.
Contact: Chris Seaman, [email protected]

Posted by: Chris Seaman | Aug 9, 2018 5:38:58 PM

School: UC Berkeley School of Law
Appointments Chair: Bertrall Ross
Subject Areas: Various areas described in the position announcement linked below
Positions Available: 4-6 (at least two hires must be at the entry level)
Candidates must apply through the UC Berkeley AP Recruit system. Application processes and position descriptions are available here: https://www.law.berkeley.edu/human-resources/job-opportunities/
Contact: Bertrall Ross [email protected]

Posted by: Bertrall Ross | Aug 8, 2018 9:48:45 PM

School: University at Buffalo School of Law
Appointments Chair: Matt Steilen
Packets: Yes.
Subject areas: IP commercialization, corporations, tax
Contact: Matt Steilen [email protected]

Posted by: Matt Steilen | Aug 8, 2018 7:37:09 PM

School: University of Detroit Mercy School of Law
Chair: Pam Wilkins
Other Committee Members: Erin Archerd, Kyle Langvardt, Nick Schroeck, plus a student member
Subject Areas: Evidence, Constitutional Law, Canadian & American Business; other desirable areas (not necessary but positive) include Civil Rights, Legal Research & Writing, and Professional Responsibility
Packets: Happy to receive (letter of interest, CV, research agenda)
Contact: Pam Wilkins [email protected]
Positions Available: 3

Posted by: Pam Wilkins | Aug 8, 2018 2:17:33 PM

School: University of Alabama School of Law
Chair (doctrinal search): Bill Brewbaker
Other committee members: Bill Andreen, Yonathan Arbel, Julie Hill, Steven Hobbs
Subject areas: Business Law, Criminal Law, Immigration Law
Packets: Happy to receive
Contact: [email protected]
Positions available: up to 3 (not including separate clinical search)

Posted by: Bill Brewbaker | Aug 7, 2018 5:17:24 PM

(a) School: UNLV, Boyd School of Law

(b) Chair of hiring committee: Mary Beth Beazley

(c) Other members of hiring committee: John White, Lori Johnson, Addie Rolnick, Rebecca Scharf

(d) Subject areas: Always glad to hear from qualified candidates, but focus this year is on Legal Writing, which is a tenure-track position at UNLV.

(e) Committee's feeling about packets: Meh

(f) Contact: [email protected]

(g) the number of available faculty positions at your school: One expected; tenured or tenure track, as appropriate.

Posted by: Mary Beth Beazley | Aug 6, 2018 1:20:33 PM

School: Michigan State University College of Law

Chair: Anne Lawton

Other Committee Members: Matthew Fletcher, Michael Lawrence, Frank Ravitch

Subject Areas: Corporate (business enterprises, corporate finance, securities regulation, corporate planning, etc.)

Packets: Don't care

Preferred contact: to the Chair at [email protected]

Number of positions: one tenure-track or tenured (lateral applications are welcome)

Posted by: Anne Lawton | Aug 4, 2018 5:20:56 PM

School: UC Davis School of Law
Chair: Peter Lee
Other Committee Members: Afra Afsharipour, Al Lin, Brian Soucek, Courtney Joslin, Elizabeth Joh
Subject Areas: Various
Communication: [email protected]
Positions Available: two entry-level, tenure-track positions

Posted by: Peter Lee | Aug 3, 2018 7:22:32 PM

School: University of Richmond

Chair: Jessica Erickson

Committee: Hank Chambers, Corinna Lain, Jim Gibson, Meredith Harbach, and Erin Collins

Subject Areas: Corporate/securities, as well as possibly torts, administrative law, and property. We are also seeking to fill the Tyler Haynes Interdisciplinary Chair with a candidate who would be appointed in and teach in both the law school and the Jepson School of Leadership at the University of Richmond

Packets: Happy to receive them

Communications: Email Jessica Erickson at [email protected]

Available Positions: Up to three

Posted by: Jessica Erickson | Aug 3, 2018 3:28:18 PM

(a) UC Hastings College of the Law

(b) Chair: Chimene Keitner

(c) Other Members: Richard Boswell, Ben Depoorter, Leo Martinez, Zachary Price, Scott Dodson (ex officio)

(d) We will accord priority to candidates in state & local government law and/or contracts/private law (position announcement here: http://www.uchastings.edu/about/admin-offices/academic-dean/docs/TenureTenureTrackFacultyJobDescription07.05.18.pdf)

(e) Correspondence should be directed to the Chair, keitnerc_at_uchastings.edu; individualized expressions of interest particularly welcomed from those who are eager to live in the Bay Area.

(f) Email

(g) We will likely fill one tenured or tenure-track position this year, and our committee is also charged with evaluating potential visitors.

Posted by: Chimene Keitner | Aug 2, 2018 2:16:36 PM

University of Pennsylvania
Chair: Dave Hoffman
Committee: Jean Galbraith, Jon Klick, Michael Knoll, Sophia Lee, Tess Wilkinson-Ryan (ex-officio)
Subject Areas: Various
Contact email - hackett2 -at - law.upenn.edu
Notes: Our committee considers both lateral and entry level positions.

Posted by: David Hoffman | Aug 1, 2018 10:57:00 AM

University of Louisville Louis D. Brandeis School of Law
Chair: JoAnne Sweeny
Committee: John Cross, Justin Walker, Lisa Nicholson, Dean Colin Crawford (ex-officio)
Tenure-track faculty position. This is a position in the law school’s first year legal analysis and writing course, Lawyering Skills.

Posted by: Grace McLane Giesel | Aug 1, 2018 8:43:56 AM

University of Louisville Louis D. Brandeis School of Law
Chair: Grace M. Giesel
Committee Members: Cedric Powell, Russ Weaver, Justin Walker, Dean Colin Crawford (ex-officio)
1. Tenure-track faculty position: The curricular needs for this position are still being determined but will likely emphasize first year courses, especially torts. The law school also anticipates a need for decedents’ estates and estate planning.
2.Tenured or tenure-track faculty position, depending on experience and qualifications. The exact curricular needs for this position are still being determined but will likely have a business and commercial law focus, including specialization in and demonstrated interest and achievement in one or more of the following areas: contracts, business organizations, secured transactions and Uniform Commercial Code and related subjects.

Posted by: Grace McLane Giesel | Aug 1, 2018 8:37:00 AM

Arizona State University Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law
Chair: Rhett Larson
Committee Members: Angela Banks, Laura Coordes, Susan Chesler, Zachary Kramer
Subject Areas: Criminal Law/Procedure, Privacy/Data/Cybersecurity, Antitrust
Contact: email - [email protected] Please no mailed packets.
Notes: We will consider both entry-level and lateral candidates, and we will be participating in the AALS Faculty Recruitment Conference.

Posted by: Rhett Larson | Jul 31, 2018 8:36:03 PM

University of South Carolina School of Law

Chair: Josh Eagle

Committee Members: Tommy Crocker, Annie Eisenberg, Nathan Richardson, Emily Suski, Clint Wallace

Subject Areas: Commercial, Corporate/Securities/Business, Criminal Clinic

Number of Positions: 3

Contact: FAR forms or email [email protected]

Notes: Considering entry level and lateral candidates (except the clinical position, for which we are considering entry-level only)

Posted by: Nathan Richardson | Jul 31, 2018 3:07:26 PM

Seton Hall University School of Law

Chair: Marina Lao

Committee Members: Edward Hartnett, Margaret Lewis, John Jacobi, Brian Murray

Subject Areas: 1) Law and Technology, including data analytics/AI as it intersects with law and compliance, social media and electronic discovery, and ethics in the intersection of law and technology; 2) Business Law, preferably with a focus on Securities Regulation; and 3) Health Law, preferably with a focus on Healthcare Fraud or Food and Drug Law.

Contact: To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to Professor Marina Lao, Chair, Faculty Appointments Committee, Seton Hall Law School, at [email protected] We will also review FAR forms.

Posted by: Brian Murray | Jul 31, 2018 2:49:33 PM

Benjamin Cardozo School of Law

Chair: Stewart Sterk

Committee Members: Myriam Gilles, Deborah Pearlstein, Michael Pollack, Charles Yablon

Subject Areas: Private Law (including Corporations), Intellectual Property, Evidence, Criminal Law, Professional Responsibility, Health Law

Contact: We will focus on FAR forms, but candidates may also contact the chair by email at [email protected]

Number of Positions: Up to 3

Posted by: Stewart Sterk | Jul 31, 2018 11:33:07 AM

University of Wisconsin Law School
Chair: Anuj Desai
Committee Members: Sarah Davis, Yaron Nili, John Ohnesorge, Margaret Raymond
Subject Area: Legal/Ethical Considerations in Precision Medicine, which lies at a crossroads of multiple legal subfields, including health law, bioethics, regulatory law, privacy law, and insurance law. The ideal candidate would have expertise in one of more of these areas, but we are open to candidates with expertise in other areas who could bring them to bear on legal/ethical issues related to precision medicine. It's possible that we could be looking in other areas as well, but at this point, that's it.
Contact: Must apply directly. Info at http://jobs.hr.wisc.edu/cw/en-us/job/498766/assistant-or-associate-professor-of-law-precision-medicine-cluster-hire

Posted by: Anuj Desai | Jul 31, 2018 7:55:40 AM

Fordham University

Chair: Olivier Sylvain
Committee Members: Aditi Bagchi, Abner Greene, Clare Huntington, Mark Patterson, Kimani Paul-Emile, Linda Sugin, and Ben Zipursky
Positions: We are considering entry-level and lateral applicants across substantive areas, with a special emphasis on those who teach in the first-year.
Packets: We will focus on FAR submissions, but applicants may submit packets to [email protected]

Posted by: Olivier Sylvain | Jul 30, 2018 6:41:41 PM

Washington University

Chair: Kevin Collins

Committee Members: Scott Baker, Adrienne Davis, Neil Richards, Rachel Sachs, Peggie Smith, Andrew Tuch

Subject Areas: Open, but emphasis on candidates interested in teaching criminal, corporate, or property law. Entry level or junior lateral.

Packets: Happy to receive

Contact: [email protected]

Positions: Several

Posted by: Kevin Collins | Jul 30, 2018 4:12:21 PM

University of St. Thomas School of Law (MN)

Chair: Prof. Julie A. Oseid

Committee Members: Dean Rob Vischer, Prof. Mitchell Gordon, and Prof. Rob Kahn

Subject Area: Lawyering Skills (Legal Research and Writing) plus a course in the professor's area of interest.

Applications should be sent to https://facultyemployment-stthomas.icims.com/jobs/3558/tenure-track-lawyering-skills-faculty/job.

Positions: 1

Posted by: Julie Oseid | Jul 30, 2018 12:45:59 PM

Suffolk University Law School in Boston

Chairs: Professors Joseph Glannon and Lorie Graham

Committee Members: Professors Cavallaro, Grinvald, Kim, McLaurin, Gibson and Robertson

Subjects: Our primary curricular needs are Criminal Law and Contracts. We hope to hire candidates with combined expertise in one of those first-year subjects and one or more of our upper-level areas of need, which include Constitutional Criminal Procedure, Evidence, Business Law (especially Business Organizations, Securities Regulation, and Banking Law), Alternative Dispute Resolution, Health Law, and courses on race, gender, sexual orientation and the law.

Packets: Apply via http://jobs.jobvite.com/suffolkuniversity/job/on057fwj

Communications: All applicants must apply through http://jobs.jobvite.com/suffolkuniversity/job/on057fwj; for additional questions contact the co-chairs at jglannon (at) suffolk (dot) edu or lgraham (at) suffolk (dot) edu

Positions: 3

Posted by: Richard Buckingham | Jul 30, 2018 10:06:10 AM

Case Western Reserve University School of Law

Chair: Jonathan H. Adler

Committee Members: Ayesha Hardaway, Daniel Jaffe, Charles Korsmo, Cassandra Robertson, Jessie Hill (ex officio)

Subject Areas: Business and Commercial Law (including corporations and contracts)

Packets: Please send electronically to Timerra Jung (tjj16 (at) case (dot) edu)

Communications: (Other than packet submission) jha5 (at) case (dot) edu

Positions: 1 tenure-track junior lateral (we may hire at assistant or associate level, untenured, commensurate with experience)

Posted by: Jonathan H. Adler | Jul 28, 2018 10:34:15 AM

Georgia State University

Chair: Doug Yarn

Committee Members: Patti Zettler, Courtney Anderson, Magaly Cobian, Russ Covey, Eric Segall

Subject Area: ADR (domestic and international)

Packets: prefer submission on academicjobsonline.org but happy to receive electronically directly

Communications: Doug Yarn - dyarn (at) gsu (dot)edu

Positions: 1 in ADR (we have another position in law and technology, but that's a different committee)

Posted by: Douglas Yarn | Jul 27, 2018 3:31:56 PM

School: Emory University School of Law

Chair: Joanna Shepherd

Committee: Martha Fineman, Nicole Morris, Robert Parrish, David Partlett, Sue Payne, George Shepherd, Fred Smith, Barbara Woodhouse, Liza Vertinsky

Subject areas:
(1) Business law with a specialization in Mergers & Acquisitions and/or Securities Regulation,
(2) General Business law (no specific specialization) with the ability to teach Contracts, and
(3) Criminal Procedure with the ability to teach Evidence.

Packets: Please send electronically to committee chair. Interested applicants should fill out an online application at https://faculty-emory.icims.com/jobs/23832/job

Communication: Joanna Shepherd- [email protected]

Positions available: 3 positions—entry level or junior lateral candidates (with no more than 3 years in a tenure-track position)

Posted by: Joanna Shepherd | Jul 27, 2018 9:51:35 AM

School: University of California, Irvine

Chair: Alex Camacho

Other committee members: D. Burk, R. Croskery-Roberts, C. Menkel-Meadow, D. Jimenez, M. Robinson-Dorn, S. Talesh, A. Southworth, C. Whytock, Bryant Garth (ex officio), Song Richardson (ex officio).

Subject areas of interest: Multiple areas including Constitutional Law, Torts, Business Association/Corporations, Evidence, Professional Responsibility, Law & Technology.

The Committee is also very interested in reviewing distinguished candidates suitable for the Long Chair in comparative Chinese legal studies, and the Malas Chair in Islamic Law.

Packets and contacts: Electronic versions of packets, as well as e-mail contact or questions may be directed to the Assistant Dean for Human Resources, Michael Nee at: mnee (at) law (dot) uci (dot) edu

Positions: Six including the Long Chair. The Committee is primarily interested in qualified lateral candidates, but will also review entry-level files.

Posted by: Dan Burk | Jul 26, 2018 8:24:49 PM

School: University of Nebraska College of Law

Chair: Eric Berger

Other Committee Members: Steve Bradford, Dean Richard Moberly, Anna Shavers, Adam Thimmesch, Maggie Wittlin

Subject Areas of Interest: Primary: Business/Corporate Law and Civil Procedure. Secondary: Health Care, Litigation Skills, Criminal Law, Environmental law, Family Law, and Election Law.

Packets: Applicants are welcome to contact us if they have questions. Applicants who wish to apply directly should fill out the online application: https://employment.unl.edu/postings/59925

Communication: Please contact us by email at [email protected]

Positions available: 2; we are interested in both entry-level and lateral candidates.

Posted by: Maggie Wittlin | Jul 25, 2018 3:23:42 PM

Notre Dame Law School

Committee: Nicole Garnett (Chair), Barry Cushman, Bruce Huber, Stephen Yelderman

Contact: [email protected]

We welcome entry-level and lateral applications in all fields. We are also searching for a non-tenure-track candidate in trial advocacy.

Posted by: Nicole Garnett | Jul 25, 2018 8:01:31 AM

School: St. John's University School of Law

Chair: Eva Subotnik

Other Committee Members: Dean Michael Simons (ex officio), John Barrett, Margaret McGuinness, Michael Perino, Rachel Smith

Subject Areas: We seek entry-level, pre-tenure, and recently tenured lateral candidates in the areas of Administrative Law and Business Associations but are open to other teaching and scholarly interests

Contact: [email protected]

Packets: No preference, but please send via email (no hard copies) in PDF format to [email protected]

Posted by: Eva Subotnik | Jul 19, 2018 1:00:25 PM

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School: Texas A&M University School of Law

Chair: Timothy Mulvaney (Unified Committee)

Other Committee Members: Vanessa Casado Perez, Gabriel Eckstein, Michael Green, & Fatma Marouf

Subject Areas: As explained in our ad http://law.tamu.edu/faculty-staff/policies-hr/faculty-hiring-announcement the School of Law aims to augment and build distinctive pillars of excellence in a number of fields in the coming years. While we welcome expressions of interest in any of these fields, we are particularly interested in recruiting visionary leaders and outstanding scholars – of any research methodology – in the field of Health Law, Regulation, and Policy.

Packets: Candidates participating in the AALS FRC should apply through the AALS process. All others can apply by sending a resume and letter of interest to [email protected]

Communication: [email protected]

Positions Available: multiple positions

Posted by: Tim Mulvaney | Jul 18, 2018 5:09:28 PM

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