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Monday, April 09, 2018

The Futures of Legal Education symposium -- Signing Off

Mike Madison's post -- #61 in this series -- is appropriately the last one in this series (though certainly not the final word in this important discussion of our enterprise.).  I thank him, all the other contributors, and the editors of this blog for indulging us in this multi-week conversation.  I hope the readers found the discussion provocative and thought-provoking.  

Here is some interesting data analytics from our discussion:

We had 61 posts, from 27 contributors, including 11 guest posters. Contributors were from a diverse range of schools and professional roles and you can see that they offered perspectives that were quite diverse in content and in tone.  In total, these posts added up to 57,600 words -- equivalent to a huge law review article or two plentiful articles or even a short monograph.  A lot of nourishing food for thought!  

Thanks, again, for all who contributed to this virtual symposium.  We can only hope that these ideas contribute to a great future of legal education. 


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