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Saturday, April 07, 2018

Legal Ed's Futures: No. 56 (guest post, Margaret Ryznar)

Reflections on the Loyola Chicago "Future of Legal Scholarship" Symposium

I had the great pleasure of attending Friday’s live symposium on the future of legal scholarship—the Loyola University Chicago Law Journal students did a wonderful job with the program.  One thing that strikes me after listening to the panelists and reading these various contributions on this blog—traditions, habits, and cycles are hard to break.  For this reason, I don’t anticipate that the prestige of publishing in law journals is going away soon.  However, my views align with those who think technology is a big disrupter.  Already, we see many professors’ work being elevated by online journals, online media, SSRN, blogs, and, yes, even tweets (maybe not Facebook anymore, though).  Students are even more tech savvy than we are, and appreciate the flexibility that online course content offers.  When the next generations join us on the law faculty, we’ll see online scholarship and teaching become more normalized and perhaps even part of the tenure/promotion/other rewards processes.  After all, much of the future is in their hands.  All of these changes have been relatively slow compared to some other fields, but that’s characteristic of legal education.  Hopefully, we can find the right balance and training for students and faculty as we continue inching toward the future.

Margaret Ryznar (Indiana-Indianapolis)

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