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Monday, February 05, 2018

#MeToo is about Work & Power

Rachel Arnow-Richman (Denver) has an important op-ed in the San Francisco Chronicle, #MeToo: Why we must separate sex from sexual harassment. Here is a taste:

... The #MeToo movement is no longer about work. What started as a watershed moment in public awareness of workplace sexual harassment has converged with the long-standing debate over the line between consensual and nonconsensual sex. Some would say this is a good thing. We should condemn all forms of unwelcome sexual behavior regardless of where they happen. The power dynamics that embolden a young celebrity to take advantage of his date share something with those that permit a Hollywood mogul to force himself on his employees. But we risk losing something in the mix — the opportunity to transform the workplace and achieve greater employment equality for women. It’s time to regroup. 

I agree with Rachel's argument that sexual harassment is not about sex but rather about work and power and maintaining economic and professional hierarchies. I wrote a related piece a while back. This makes the current debates about what is acceptable and not acceptable in the workplace difficult. Another favorite article, pre-#MeToo that speaks to this, which I quote regularly is Vicki Schultz's The Sanitized Workplace. This is a key moment for employment discrimination scholars to contribute to the more popular debate and offer, like Rachel does, a critical broader perspective about what we need to be doing to reform our work lives.


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Orly , in this regard , you may find great interest here :


Posted by: El roam | Apr 13, 2018 9:47:40 AM

Thanks for that post , but with all due respect , this is a very narrow and faint and lousy attitude , lacking fundamental awareness to atrocities all over the world concerning treatment to women . The issue is far greater broader . women all over the world , become routinely victims of horrific treatment . This is a basic , fundamental primordial issue . It doesn't matter finally whether it does touch western or third world society , for all has to do finally , with the fact , that sexually , men are by nature predators , and the prey are women , and it does take ten hundreds of different forms and shapes all over the world .

Just a tiny window to that world :

South Sudan , soldiers , militias , get paid , rewarded , by rape of women and girls , here :

Let's get a grip with all due respect …..


Posted by: El roam | Feb 5, 2018 6:00:55 PM

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