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Friday, January 05, 2018

Reminder - Today AALS MarkelFest, and other events #AALS2018

Have you been to the beach yet? There are a lot of great spots to choose from. Reminder that today at the Marriott Marquis indoor bar - there is only one bar - near the Starbucks - at 9pm, we continue the traditional happy hour that our beloved friend and founder of Prawfblawg Dan Markel started over a decade ago. Everyone is invited - bring your friends,  make new friends, please introduce yourselves (even if we've met before, I am terrible with names), and we can celebrate the end of a terrific conference.

Also today, open to all - at 430 is the annual IP Evil Twin Debate, at the beautiful downtown high-rise of Thomas Jefferson. At 530 is a book party for You Don't Own Me (this morning I woke up to a review by the Financial Times that calls the book a compelling, persuasive and a page turner!) on our stunning USD law campus, with food and drinks. no need to rsvp, Uber or take the continuous shuttle from the Marriott to our campus.

Looking forward !

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