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Friday, October 06, 2017

A brief hello

Hi everyone, it's nice to be back at PrawfsBlawg. I even have a first post, somewhere. So as soon as I figure out which folder I put it in, I will put it up and really get started.

Until then, I thought we could catch up briefly. Since I was last here, I've finished a very enjoyable stint as editor of Law and History Review. The last issue I edited (35.4) will be coming out later this semester, and Gautham Rao of American University will be starting his term as editor with issue 36.1 early in 2018.

I also published a book on the long history (1871-1971) of police torture claims in Chicago. It looks at claims of torture (and legal/popular responses to those claims) in the years before Jon Burge joined the CPD.

And now, I'm on sabbatical and trying to finish a book on criminal justice and the 1919 Chicago Race Riot. It's a fascinating story, though doing justice to it is more complicated than I initially anticipated. Books are like that.

My hope, assuming I find that first post!, is to spend some of my time here this month writing about using historical context to unpack the issues of the present. I might also spend a bit of time writing about police misconduct law and history. We'll see. 

Elizabeth Dale



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