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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Quick note on a post from earlier this morning

Earlier this morning I posted an announcement about a post doc opportunity here at the University of North Carolina.  The post doc is university-wide program aimed at helping scholars from underrepresented groups prepare for and secure tenure-track appointments.

After I posted the announcement, a couple of comments were posted about the desirability of diversity in law school hiring and the wisdom of pipeline programs such as these.  I think that those are issues that we should obviously be able to discuss in a calm and substantive manner.  But I didn't think that the comments thread about the announcement for this particular program was the place for that discussion to occur.  And--quite frankly--I just don't have the time today to monitor a comment section on the topic.  So I've reposted the announcement with the comments section closed. And I just wanted to make that decision and my reasons for it clear.

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