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Monday, March 06, 2017

Sponsored Post: The weekend MPRE

The following post is by Leah Christensen (Thomas Jefferson) and is sponsored by West Academic.

Have your students been asking you about the MPRE lately? It’s offered just a few times a year—and it’s just around the corner on March 18th.

“Hey Professor, what materials do you recommend to prepare for the MPRE—and oh by the way, it’s only two weeks away!” I have heard that question so many times over the years that I finally took the time to develop a program that would meet students’ needs for a content-rich MPRE study program that is both concise and efficient.

I developed The Weekend MPRE: Complete Preparation for the MPRE in Only A Weekend’s Time (Print & Video Bundle) knowing that students usually don’t begin to study for the MPRE until a couple of weeks before the exam. I’ve taught Professional Responsibility (PR) for years—but I realized that the MPRE exam requires very different study materials than a traditional PR course. The MPRE’s exam questions are specialized and very different than typical PR multiple-choice questions. You can’t simply rely upon your “gut” reaction to answer MPRE questions correctly. That’s why very smart law students fail the MPRE every year!

There are other MPRE programs out there—usually associated with bar programs. The content of these programs is good, but the materials never go far enough to truly prepare students for the MPRE.

The Weekend MPRE offers short lectures on each of the key subjects tested by the MPRE, quizzes, outlines and two full, simulated MPRE exams (with answer explanations). I wanted the program to be a “one-stop shop” for busy law students who wanted all the materials they needed to prepare for the MPRE in one place.

The materials are grounded in learning theory—using 20 minute lectures with a full study plan so that students can truly prepare in one weekend.

And because I teach PR, I developed this course to work in conjunction with any PR course as well.

So when your students ask: “What should I do to prepare for the MPRE?” Have them check out The Weekend MPRE which I developed for the busy law student (or law school professor). I wanted the program to maximize law student success so students only have to take the MPRE one time!

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