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Thursday, February 09, 2017

Submission Angsting Spring 2017

We are going old school with the angsting thread -- back to its beginnings, when Redyip, the great bird of the gods of Zarcon, first alighted into the sky to signal the beginning of the law review submission season.  I'm not sure if Redyip has provided the signal to Orin yet; we await further enlightenment. But ye may gather here, on this angsting thread, to provide such news: have journals awakened from their winter slumber to renew their manifold judgments?  Hark, traveler! -- do I see the winged colossus?  

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Posted by Matt Bodie on February 9, 2017 at 12:15 PM in Law Review Review | Permalink


Corp law matters – maybe the new HLR that shares final decisions is also newly open to corporate/business pieces by profs outside HLS

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We already have one!!! Geez.

Posted by: LawProf | Aug 7, 2017 7:46:47 PM

Can we get a Fall 2017 angsting thread going? I am in full angst.

Posted by: AnonE | Aug 7, 2017 7:38:29 PM

I am a rising 3L. My piece is a full length article, not a student note or comment. Will the journals that say they reserve note/comment space for students from their own schools still look at my piece if it is an article?

Posted by: voyageur | Jul 31, 2017 2:29:41 AM

(got my exclusive northwestern ding today)

Posted by: big me | Jul 28, 2017 1:03:36 PM

I've been submitting my article as law reviews open. Two lower T50 law review offers, one specialty journal offer. Committee review at one T20 law review. One ding from YLJ (shocker!). Silence otherwise.

Posted by: New prof | Jul 28, 2017 9:11:40 AM

anon @ Jul 27, 2017 4:43:03: when did you submit to northwestern?

Posted by: big me | Jul 28, 2017 1:15:51 AM

Submitted a few days ago to those of the T75ish that were open. One rejection from a T25. I generally submit in fall and it is frustratingly slow and random, although I've usually wound up with a decent offer in the end.

Posted by: YetAnotherProf | Jul 27, 2017 4:43:03 PM

LawProf: Yes, I just got a reject from Northwestern.

Posted by: anon | Jul 27, 2017 12:18:41 PM

Has anyone heard from Northwestern regarding the exclusive submission?

Posted by: LawProf | Jul 27, 2017 11:00:30 AM

I submitted to about 15 open T50 law reviews a week ago. One offer and radio silence otherwise.

Posted by: New prof | Jul 22, 2017 7:15:42 AM

I see that some T50 law reviews are open on Scholastica. Are any of them reviewing/giving offers yet? Seems early.

Posted by: lawprof | Jul 21, 2017 1:14:41 PM

Ya think?

Posted by: LawProf | Jun 26, 2017 9:03:12 AM

By the lack of responses, I guess I should wait until Aug?

Posted by: New prof | Jun 26, 2017 7:32:21 AM


Posted by: New prof | Jun 22, 2017 10:38:51 PM

I was planning to submit an article in the February cycle, but I decided to hold off so I could get feedback from peers - it was a good move, as they provided very useful suggestions. I've edited and revised it to the point that there isn't much more to do. It looks like most law reviews are open on Scholastica. Should I submit now, or should I wait until August?

Posted by: New prof | Jun 5, 2017 10:16:21 AM

Anyone aware of specific Journals that are still open? Thanks!

Posted by: Anon3L | Apr 21, 2017 2:38:34 PM


Well I made the decision to go the practitioner specialty route(consumer protection law) rather than t10 flagship student note route. Got some advice from Professors about what might be best for me personally, though I'd have to agree in thinking that it would get more readership as a student note in a top journal. I'm hoping I made a good choice and am either way happy to be getting this piece out there. Let me know what you think.

Posted by: another Anon Student | Apr 19, 2017 11:54:26 AM

Congrats Anon, although you probably won't be back on here. I'm still waiting to hear...

Owley - I am with you. It sucks. Things that also suck, stealth rejections, and journals that don't exist anymore being on Expresso and taking submissions!

On another note, it seems like a lot of the Tier II schools are still filling their volumes so if you're still waiting, don't give up hope.

Posted by: C | Apr 18, 2017 1:04:12 PM

Can I start an Expresso Complaints thread -- maybe goes with the other law review conversations Mark Fenster is leading, but here are my questions: (1) is there anyway to save your work on Expresso like one does on SSRN. I keep getting called away by a student (or small child) in the midst of submitting and it doesn't save anything, so I have to start all over again selecting journals, uploading docs, etc. Of course, if I hadn't accidentally deleted my brilliant abstract, I wouldn't care so much. and (2) is there grounds for a class action for paying submission fees when the journals aren't actually accepting articles?

Posted by: Owley | Apr 17, 2017 3:45:25 PM

c, I heard back from Cardozo yesterday, exactly two weeks after I was notified of a board review. My article was accepted, so I can get off the angsting carousel! See everyone back here in August....

Posted by: Anon | Apr 14, 2017 6:04:45 PM

Mel: around what rank is the specialty journal and/or what type of specialty? I'd probably go with the t5 flagship (is it your own school/journal?). I don't know that it being a note in name only hurts much or would lead ppl not to use it (do they change the length limits or anything?). I'd guess that more ppl would read it in a t5 flagship. (because you'll get ppl who find it by searching topically plus the ppl who stay abreast of top journals.)

Posted by: anonhalffull | Apr 12, 2017 11:53:55 AM

I think the consensus is that as a practitioner is best.

Posted by: c | Apr 11, 2017 1:39:31 PM

Hey All,
I think this was asked before in some way or another but I couldn't find the response again and I figured I'd ask more concretely.

I'm a 3l with an offer from a specialty journal publishing as a practitioner and a t5 journal publishing as a student note.

Any ideas which one is better in terms of 1) people reading it; 2) future academic ambitions?

Thanks everyone,

Posted by: another Anon Student | Apr 11, 2017 11:47:03 AM

I haven't. It's been 11 days for me.

Posted by: Anon | Apr 11, 2017 10:53:10 AM

Anon, did you ever hear from Cardozo? I have not yet but hasn't quite been a week.

Posted by: c | Apr 11, 2017 8:59:55 AM

Yes, they know my deadline, which is tomorrow. So hopefully you're right about the Sunday meetings. Thanks for the info!

Posted by: Anon | Apr 9, 2017 6:39:29 PM

Anon - I was also informed of a Cardozo board review recently; for some reason I have it in my head that they meet and decide on Sundays so was hoping for an answer by tomorrow. Presumably they know your deadline?

Posted by: C | Apr 9, 2017 1:27:07 PM

i think the read with interest is standard at harvard.i looked at my last two rejections and they were worded the same way for 2 straight years

Posted by: anon | Apr 8, 2017 9:45:13 PM

Does anyone have experience with board reviews at Cardozo, either this cycle or previous cycles? I was informed of my board review over a week ago and I'm about to run out of time on my current offer.

Posted by: Anon | Apr 8, 2017 10:00:29 AM

Yes, angsting. Sadly it seems we were not special cupcakes, at best backups discarded in unison with the rest...

Happy with my offer though!

Posted by: rankit | Apr 8, 2017 1:24:23 AM

Does anyone know the status of some of the top Enviro Law Journals? Thank you.

Posted by: ENV | Apr 7, 2017 7:27:12 PM

Did everyone else get the "read with interest" courtesy rejection from Harvard today?

Posted by: Angstingagain | Apr 7, 2017 6:53:26 PM

thirdtime (just to continue the hijack): For how hiring works with empirical pieces, I have extremely limited anecdotes. I've seen odd results for empirical jobtalks so far: great empirical jobtalk --> no offer and not-good empirical jobtalk --> good offer. (but who knows what happened at AALS and at campus visits.) I wish you the best & hope you have great ppl to talk to about this.

Posted by: anonhalffull | Apr 7, 2017 2:11:51 PM

Angstingagain - that's my concern, too, regarding trajectory. I am heartened (and surprised) to hear that JELS would garner that kind of respect.

anonhalfful - I'm convinced the placement has to do with the behavioral/empirical aspect of it, but (a) I could be wrong, and (b) I'm also wondering how appropriate it would be for a job talk for that same reason.

Thanks to both. And thanks to all for letting me hijack the thread. I'll hang up now.

Posted by: thirdtimer | Apr 7, 2017 11:30:07 AM

angstingagain (re thirdtimer - "Better to have the piece be your job talk piece and not yet published"): unless some of the reasons that it's not placing well in comparison to prior placements are also reasons that would make it a poor jobtalk. thirdtimer might want to either significantly rework it to make sure it's a great jobtalk (if possible) or develop another project as jobtalk (regardless of accepting the offer or delaying for the current piece).

Posted by: anonhalffull | Apr 7, 2017 10:50:55 AM

Facepalm, I've had great experiences with online supplements -- they are a good way to get timely work out there and my experience is that they are hungry for good content, so it's considerably easier to get things picked up by top journals' supplements. The obvious caveat is that they are not viewed as articles for the purposes of tenure (at least at my institution), and my sense is that they are also taken somewhat less seriously in general (my online pieces tend to be somewhat less cited). W & L is a good way to get a sense of how cited/prestigious a specific online supplement is.

Thirdtimer, at my institution, I'm pretty sure JELS would be viewed as superior to all but maybe a T20 or 30 placement. I hate to say it, but I would not take a placement much under your prior placements (it's OK if it's in the ballpark, but a bit lower -- so say in your case, down to a T50 offer), if you are planning to go on the market. There's a stupid perception of "trajectory" that can actually hurt you if you've placed well initially and then not thereafter. Better to have the piece be your job talk piece and not yet published than have it be published in a place that won't help you on the market.

Posted by: Angstingagain | Apr 7, 2017 8:49:31 AM

Had a late, low-ranked offer come in on my empirical piece. For those who might have some hiring experience or insight (I'm planning to hit the market next year):

(1) Where would you place JELS relative to the general law reviews in terms of getting hired? Is there a cutoff (e.g. T-40, T-60?) where a JELS placement becomes better than a general/specialty law review?

(2) How low is so low that it no longer helps employment chances? Current offer is from a school around 100 on USNews, and have expedited all the way up for any journals that might still be looking so it might get better but not so optimistic this late in the cycle (for context, I have two prior law review articles, which are both T-30, but they are at the same journal, and I would probably take a job at any solvent accredited law school to offer one).

Thanks to all - this thread generally and your feedback specifically have been incredibly helpful to this neophyte.

Posted by: thirdtimer | Apr 7, 2017 6:58:19 AM

Are there any resources for evaluating online law reviews? I have a short and timely piece that I'd love to get published quickly. Anyone have good or bad experiences to share?

Posted by: Facepalm | Apr 7, 2017 2:22:37 AM

cornell, georgetown, nyu, northwestern, and a few others announced they were going to close.i think they were already closed.

Posted by: anon | Apr 6, 2017 8:36:04 PM

i submitted late to some of the top journals that closed this week and got immediate rejections. I think it was just forma that they announced they were going to close - they were essentially already closed.

Posted by: anon | Apr 6, 2017 8:35:22 PM

Thanks, anon.

@Late Bloomer, it's better to submit early in the cycle than late in the cycle if you want to step out of the traditional cycle. That is because late would mean no slot left at the top-ranked journals.

Posted by: vliet | Apr 6, 2017 5:28:19 PM

Has anyone ever had success submitting an article this late in the season? I know I'm extremely late to the party, but perhaps there's something to be said for being out of step with the traditional cycle.

Posted by: Late Bloomer | Apr 6, 2017 5:22:39 PM

i did it through both w/ usc. i got a response to my expedite, a rejection when i emailed. They never updated it online though.

Posted by: anon | Apr 6, 2017 5:08:12 PM

For those that heard back from Southern California (one way or another), did you submit your expedite request via Scholastica or email? I went the email route and has yet to hear.

Posted by: vliet | Apr 6, 2017 12:54:47 PM

My "manage my submissions" link on Expresso has been down since last night. Anyone else experiencing this problem?

Posted by: Just Wondering | Apr 6, 2017 9:53:18 AM

How long do board reviews usually take?

Posted by: anon | Apr 6, 2017 8:55:11 AM


Posted by: anon | Apr 6, 2017 7:25:29 AM

I thought Chicago-Kent was symposium only?

Posted by: Matthew Bruckner | Apr 5, 2017 4:39:23 PM

Anyone know anything about the Banking & Financial Services Policy Report? Looks like a lot of top financial law folks have published there, but it's not a law-school run journal, so not sure how that affects the perception of it.

Between that & Chicago-Kent, how would you approach?

Posted by: stewie | Apr 5, 2017 4:04:51 PM

Thanks anonhalffull--I did decide to hang in there. Good luck to you in the cycle, too, if you're still working at it.

Posted by: Stay or go | Apr 5, 2017 12:31:36 PM

stay: (I'm at least 5-6 years your junior careerwise, so perhaps not qualified to weigh in, but) your plan to decline creighton when the clock runs out and expedite the mercer offer sounds good to me. You don't seem to think that the few spots between those journals merits giving up more time for others to consider your work (I don't disagree given the circs) and sounds like, if you only get these 2 offers, you'd still be happy and pretty well off with mercer and getting it published earlier.

Posted by: anonhalffull | Apr 5, 2017 12:30:04 PM

Also, anonhalffull: I haven't yet expedited the Mercer offer yet, which probably counts in favor of hanging in there.

Posted by: Stay or go | Apr 5, 2017 11:48:38 AM

Anon and anonhalffull, thanks. I've considered resubmitting, because I've placed higher in the past. But it's a piece that's somewhat time-sensitive, and I'd rather move on to the next project than try to update this one. I'm tenured, so that obviously helps.
Mercer's about ten spots lower on both the W&L and the USN, which seems relatively minor. Plus, it seems Mercer might draw more faculty authors. But I'm looking into that.

Posted by: Stay or go | Apr 5, 2017 11:47:14 AM

Stay or go: when did you submit and did you expedite w the creighton date only? If those are the "best" offers that you get this cycle, would you revise and resubmit or take one of them? What's your status- TT? going on the market soon? Do you know if the difference between creighton and mercer is significant enough to make you regret declining creighton if you end up left w only mercer?

Posted by: anonhalffull | Apr 5, 2017 11:31:37 AM

Hang in there. Quite a few journals are still actively reviewing and making offers.

Posted by: anon | Apr 5, 2017 11:01:02 AM

Astounded by the silence this cycle. I've got a Creighton offer expiring today and a Mercer a week from now. Hang in there, or go with Creighton?

Posted by: Stay or go | Apr 5, 2017 10:06:43 AM

That might be a long shot but has anyone heard from the Virginia Journal of Intl Law? They acknowledged receipt of my paper with a nice, personal email and said they would get back in "a few weeks". That was over a month ago.

Posted by: L&E Anon | Apr 5, 2017 2:08:32 AM

Thanks, everyone. I got USC and NULR rejections in the span of 5 minutes today (and I'd just left the dentist, so it was a real treat of an afternoon). This was the first cycle that USC sent a rejection, but I hounded them a bit. Good luck out there -- what a funny process this is.

Posted by: empiricalanon | Apr 5, 2017 1:41:16 AM

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