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Thursday, November 03, 2016

Professors & the World Series

Other than White Sox fans, I must be the only Chicagoan sober, so I’ll take this opportunity to explore the theme of Professors & the World Series.

If you were watching the game tonight, you would have seen, in a sea of “Go Cubs” signs televised from a Chicago bar, a sign that read “Thank you, Prof Barker.” Who is Professor Barker? And why does he deserve thanks? Twitter has gone crazy asking that very question. Did he not assign homework tonight? Did he excuse absences due to World Series, like this Ohio University professor, or this DePauw University professor? How would I react to this kind of student request?

And, I couldn’t help but to notice the nickname of one of the Cubs pitchers—the professor, on account of his intelligence and Ivy League education. I wonder if he’s going to earn tenure with the Cubs…

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