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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

(Last) Fact or Fiction: Is It Really Over?

Almost exactly two years ago, I posted to this blog a tearjerker shampoo commercial in China that ended with the statistic that approximately 100,000 couples reconciled in the previous year out of 3 million divorces, or 3.33%.

Indeed, there are a lot of songs about this.  For example, the Sugar Ray lyrics go something like, “When it’s over / That’s the time I fall in love again.”

So, is it really true?  What chance does Brangelina have?  These questions burned in my mind, and so I looked into my data from 109 divorce cases involving children that were filed in Marion County in 2008.

Is there hope for reconciliation? 

Don’t hold your breath.  Only 4 couples in my sample of 109 divorcing couples reconciled at some point, or, 3.67%.  This is very similar to that Chinese statistic.  Coincidence, or the universality of human nature?

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